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hadashinoarashi's Journal

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Welcome to Hadashi no Arashi! This is where I, zelflame, will be posting my various fanworks. This generally means translations and the occasional subbing project, but I may also share scans etc. from time to time. Please feel free to look around, and PM me if you have any questions!


I named this community Hadashi no Arashi for two reasons:
1) It's a play on Hadashi no Mirai, the Arashi song we all know and love
2) I have a somewhat reprehensible love for barefoot Arashi. Please, do show me pictures 8Q___

I created this community in an effort to combat my nature as an extremely disorganized person. It would drive me crazy if the things I shared with the community were all jumbled up in my personal journal.

-Feel free to watch/join! For the time being, this community is unlocked and membership is OPEN

-That being said, I would appreciate it if my works wouldn't be shared or perpetuated without asking my permission

-I'm pretty inconsistent and/or flaky about most things in my life, so this community may seem inactive for long periods of time. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my Arashi love, I just fear commitment :P